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Next FNS Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be at the Cecil Cox American Legion Post 147 in Clovis. The date is Tuesday November 9 and the time (as usual) is 7-9 PM. Last month about 26 people attended the meeting; let's see if we can meet or exceed that total for November!  Hopefully members will have interesting stories to relate about the October Fresno Coin Show.

2021 Coin Show a Success! 

We completed a Fresno Coin Show in April 2021 (04/17 & 04/18) which was presented at the American Legion Post 509 in Fresno. This show was organized by member dealer John Ward, a.k.a. CalJohn 66 Silver. FNS helped out with set up, tear-down, and front desk duty. CalJohn has generously shared some of the show profits with FNS. By most accounts this unusual Spring event was a success for dealers and attendance was pretty good, considering we were still under a partial COVID lockdown.

FNS Ready For Another Great Show

We expect to present a regular October show this year at the same AL Post 509 location, this time with FNS as the principal organizer. 2021 is the year when we find out whether Fresno is big enough to support two annual coin shows!

PCGS Grading Services at the October 2021 Show

Bourse Chairman John Ward is a PCGS-authorized dealer. John can accept coins for submission and forward them to PCGS for grading and authentication. We expect he can provide similar service at each Fresno Coin Show in the future.

Auction Policies 

Please keep in mind these basic rules about our monthly coin auctions:

1) For our traditional auctions (conducted by FNS), the Fresno Numismatic Society reserves the right to pay sellers by check. Sometimes we may not have enough cash on-hand; in that case, our Treasurer will pay the seller proceeds with an FNS check. Non-member buyers may not pay with a check. Cash only please! We have basically discontinued these traditional auctions. Instead, we will concentrate on Bid-Board or silent auction formats.

2) For traditional auctions FNS is required to collect California sales tax. The tax will be added to the hammer price.

3) For Bid-Board type auctions buyers and sellers directly complete all transactions. If your seller accepts a check that's fine! Bid-Board auctions are not conducted by FNS and no sales tax will be collected by FNS.